Clean Water

Our Clean Water Project illustrates one of the ways Art For Humanity helps Hondurans in need to help themselves. Like all of our projects, it empowers locals to help themselves and their neighbors.  It also illustrates how our projects are often connected to the families of TLC and HIBS.

Karla is a recent grad of TLC. She was an outstanding student there. We are helping her to build a home and begin a small farm based business. One of her limitations is water. Her community has a limited supply and she has none. We added rain catching capacity to her roof and then extended the roof by adding a porch so as to have more rain catching capacity. We will eventually do the same with her chicken house.  We also built an 8,000 gallon water storage tank that is half below ground and half above ground.  The water will be used not only by the family for washing, drinking, etc. but also for her animals and plants.

We also installed a water purification system for drinking water to provide sufficient drinking water for her extended family and neighbors. The systems we use are somewhat unique to us in that they are very simple, very durable, long lasting and are very low maintenance.

A Video About Our Clean Water Project