Our Mission, Strategy, & Status

Honduran children

Our Mission

Art For Humanity is an all volunteer charity. We have no paid staff, warehouse, or offices. The source of our funding is financial donations from compassionate individuals who want to help the poor.

In 2023, we delivered approximately $740,000 worth of humanitarian aid with a budget of only $160,000.

Our mission is to help Honduran people in need become self sufficient.

Our Strategy

We make our biggest impact through education. We have built two education centers: the Honduras Independence Bilingual School (HIBS) and The Organic Learning Center (TOLC). These schools teach standard academic classes and also focus on concepts of individual responsibility, ethical leadership, and personal empowerment.

Our volunteers come to Honduras from all over the world and are our greatest resource.

Teacher with students
Science Party

Our Focus

We focus on four systemic ways for a family to overcoming poverty.

  1. We help Honduran families raise educated children.
  2. We assist Hondurans families to create small businesses. These businesses provide a consistent income stream.
  3. We keep Honduran families healthy. Poor health is a systemic cause of poverty.
  4. We build homes for Honduran families. With a home, they are able to have a home based business, keep themselves and their children healthy and safe.

Our Status

The IRS has granted Art For Humanity the status of a 501 c(3) non-profit organization. For tax purposes, Art For Humanity gladly provides receipts for all donations.

A Video About Our Mission