Our History

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Why "Art for Humanity"

Art for Humanity was started by Glen C. Evans, Jr. in October, 2003.

The organization’s first humanitarian effort involved shipping artwork from Honduras to the United States. The artwork was sold and the proceeds were given to the artists in Honduras. The shipping containers used for the artwork were shipped back to Honduras full of donated items like shoes, computers, clothing, and any items we felt would benefit our friends in Honduras.

We named our organization “Art for Humanity” based on the Honduran artwork that we sold. We have kept the name because it continues to express the philanthropic spirit of our organization.

Volunteers, Small Businesses, and Education

We continued selling art for a few years but we found that shipping needed items from the United States was more beneficial to our friends in Honduras. Over time, Art for Humanity adapted to the needs of the people we encountered. Within a few years, we expanded our focus by helping people start small businesses, building schools, organic farming, and clean water. We started receiving volunteers early on, and the talents these individuals brought with them influenced the projects and services we offered.


A Video of Our History: Part 1

A Video of Our History: Part 2