Illegal Immigration

The largely untold story of illegal immigration is the havoc it wreaks on families. A frequent scenario is a young man comes illegally to the U.S. with good intentions of assisting his family. But, not long after arriving, he begins a new life and family here. The desperately poor wife and children at home are soon forgotten.

In a similar fashion, children all across Honduras are being raised without knowing their mother. Once making the illegal crossing, parent and child are separated…frequently for life or at least for the duration of childhood.

In Honduras, we meet numerous families torn apart by illegal immigration. Mental health workers there tell us “illegal immigration is tearing apart the social fabric of our country”.

Art For Humanity is reducing illegal immigration by giving families the opportunity to begin a small business with which to support their family. Given a choice, most families prefer to remain together rather than be divided.

Additionally, we built HIBS to provide Hondurans with leadership skills so they can bring the changes to their country which will alleviate the causes that perpetuate poverty.